The Gloaming

The gloaming

Kissing the clouds with light
The sun departs for the night
Yonder comes the beauty of night
Soon the moon will be the only light
But in between is a magic time of sight
With no sun to blind or darkness to fright
I can behold all with true sight

I’ve always loved the gloaming time. As I look to the heavens, I consider the infinite universe so far beyond my imagining. As a mortal, I can’t even begin to comprehend its reaches, yet as I Imagine the earth spinning around the sun, the moon spinning around the earth, and the beauty of the earth all around me. It’s all the proof I need to know it happened by more than chance. If all these immense things were created by more than chance, then I too am not here by chance, but for a purpose.

Author: LifeonPositivity

My name is Ryan Russell I live in a rural in southeastern Arizona. I have spent the majority of my adult life in the pursuit of education. I have an Associate of Arts in Anthropology from Eastern Arizona College, a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, in arts and letters, as well as a Masters of Education in counseling and human relations from Northern Arizona University. Presently I am a doctoral candidate at Northcentral University in General Psychology. Some personal information about me, I have Duchenne muscular dystrophy. So I am no stranger to the hardships and difficulties of life however over my years I have found that the secret to success in life is to look for the positive. I would like to use my education and life experiences to help others find positivity of life. I believe that we all have a responsibility to use our talents and to help others find success and enjoyment in life.

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