Teeth and Braces

I had a thought about life yesterday, everything about it can be compared to teeth and braces. I haven’t worn braces, but in this analogy, we all have teeth and we all have braces. The reason people wear braces is to get their own perfect healthy smile. We each have our theoretical teeth, and the challenges and trials of life are braces. The thing about trials and challenges is that they are painful and it seems that just as with braces, as soon as you get adjusted it’s time to tighten those braces and things get painful once again.

When this comes we have two choices, we can either have them taken off and stop trying or we can endure and keep trying, knowing that we will come out better than before. We each have our own perfect, none of us will ever achieve that perfection in this life. However, by embracing the hard things in life, eventually those painful annoying braces won’t be needed anymore and we can achieve our best self.