Dream the Impossible

Long have I identified with Don Quixote. A man with this romantic idea of knighthood and though he is unable to do the gallant deeds of a knight, he still sets forth. Though many would see him as a fool, he still went forward to live his dream of being a knight. Each of us has a choice in life, we can either let ideas and dreams pass us by, or we can do all we can to reach for those unreachable stars. I will be the first to tell you that it’s easy to find excuses for why not to do the hard things, but to reach your full potential, you must do the hard things. I have faced many challenges, and I’ve done well, but I have not done to the best of my ability as only I would know unless you’ve seen my transcripts.

In the last few days, this favorite song of mine has been more impactful than ever before. I am a person that has had many dreams and ideas, yet I have not tried to chase all of them because of fear. Fear of failure, fear of making a great effort or sacrificing and not having it work out. Though I will likely never go forth with a sword in hand “to right the unrightable wrong,” we each have our own quest which we either achieve or do not. Sometimes dreams seem impossible, but if we do our all to reach them, we are successful even if we never actually reach that star. Most people don’t know, but I have wasted a great deal of time in my life playing games. I’m not saying that everyone that plays games waste time, and everyone needs something to distract from daily challenges, but for me, I’m changing that.

We each have things that we know, for me, I know things based on my religion that are important to me.  We all have different guiding beliefs, some of us know things that are true for us, while for someone else they are not true. That’s great as long as we do what we feel we must or need to do. For a long time, I have felt the need to make changes in my life, to do the things that I felt I must do. In our lives, there are greater things and lesser things. Personally, I am seeking to do the greater things in my life and let the lesser things slip by the wayside. I am reaching for that unreachable star, and many of the scars I’m covered with no one else can see. But I must give up fear of giving up lesser things so that I can reach for that unreachable star with that last ounce of courage.

Should it be that that star which I really want is truly unreachable I can at least say that I “strove with my last ounce of courage.” We each have a quest in life, and we each have different things that motivate us towards reaching that goal. No matter what your belief system is, or even if you don’t have one, you must do all you can to do what you feel you must if you want to be truly happy. Though these changes I’ve made in my life have only been for a few days and I will admit I have been really tempted to just say is it worth it? Can I really expect this? Or worst of all that little nagging feeling that I will only disappoint myself. This is fear talking, but faith overcomes fear! That faith doesn’t have to be a religious source alone, it must also be in our self! I’m going to spend my time reaching for something that most of the world would say is unreachable, but I must try. I’m saying this because it’s what has been on my mind for a little while now and I believe that there are many things in this life which distract us from the greatness we can achieve. I’m tired of wasting my time on things that don’t matter to me, and I hope that maybe this song can give somebody else inspiration to reach for that unreachable star and remove those things which are not important and find true happiness.