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    Among those professional self-lubricating thrust washer tsb-jtw manufacturers in China, welcome to buy customized and low price self-lubricating thrust washer tsb-jtw or get its free sample from our factory.
    Self-lubricating thrust washer TSB-JTW
    STRUCTURE: Bronze thrust washer with solid lubricant plug (graphite)
    Density8.0 g/cm3
    Hardness>210 HB
    Tensile strength>750 N/mm2
    Yeild strength>450 N/mm2
    Coefficient of linear expansion1.9×10-5/°C
    Operating temperature-40°C~+300°C
    Max. Dynamic Load120
    Max. SpeedDry0.4 m/s
    Oil1.0 m/s
    Max. PV limitDry1.5 N/mm2.m/s
    Oil3.25 N/mm2.m/s
    FrictionDry0.12~0.16 μ
    Oil0.03~0.08 μ
    Bronze thrust washer with graphite plugs provide both good wear resistance and great self lubricating feature of this washer.
    This designation enables the thrust washer to be operated without oiling or greasing maintenance.
    It is widely used in the field of high load and intermittent movement as well as oscillating movement conditions.
    TYPICAL APPLICATIONS: Self-lubricating thrust washer TSB-JTW is widely applied in automobile assembling line, water turbine, gate dams, plastic injection machinery etc. Depending on different working conditions, variety of types of different alloys are available from TSB.Customized Oilless Washers