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    As a titanium machining factory, well understands the market, Sunrise Industrial works hard and gain more achievements to meet the growing demand for various fields.
    Started from conventional turnings to now, Sunrise equipped the full complement precision CNC machines with CAD/CAM system.
    Business scope:
    1. Oil and Gas Drilling (Domestic)
    2. Titanium CNC machining parts and Titanium Rods (Both domestic and abroad)
    Titanium prosthetic components, Titanium sputtering targets, Titanium Valves, Titanium Rings, Wire EDM products, all as per the drawings from customers.
    Sunrise Team and production of all machining components and quality system are compliance with ISO9001:2008 and international standards to meet the requirements of customers.
    Sunrise manufactures and delivers reliable and stable quality of CNC machining parts in more flexible and efficient ways.
    Sunrise always fully aware of
    Customer Satisfaction
    Excellent quality of CNC machined parts
    Continuous development of production technology
    Quick and On-time delivery of quality products
    The above mentioned enable Sunrise as a manufacture to stand up in the harsh business environment and bring us forwards.
    Sunrise keeps being optimistic, will further be in a position to improve our machined parts and services for customers and enlarge our share in the market.
    Main Events
    1999—- The company was established in 1999, named as “Chennuo”.
    Main business was titanium rod, titanium plate, titanium tube, etc.
    2003—- Titanium rod business continues.
    Investment of equipments to machine titanium parts for various industries and sales to the arboad markets.
    2010—- Sep, 2010, the company business license was applied, new company name is “Xi’an Sunrise Industrial Co.,Ltd”
    Oct, 2010, the first drilling machine for oil and gas business started. (Independent business)
    2012—- CNC machining equipments replaced all conventional devices. The precision and output of titanium parts are further improved.
    2018—- Factory moved to new workshop location.
    Customized 3 Prong With Pyramid Receiver